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Gakuen Heaven - A Boy's Love Scramble!
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Character Profiles

On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.

Itou Keita: First year
Description: He suddenly received an invitation from the prestigious Bell Liberty Academy. He is average in everyway but a very warm and friendly person.
Special Ability: Luck

Saionji Kaoru: Second year
Description: He is the head of the accounting department. Since he looks so beautiful and share equal influence at the school as Niwa Tetsuya, he is known as the "Queen". He is very strong intellectually but performs very poorly in physical education.
Special Ability: Intelligence

Nakajima Hideaki: Third year

Description: He is the vice president of the student council. He appears to be harsh and cold and is hard to guess what's going on behind those pair of glasses.
Special Ability: Sex Play

Naruse Yukihiko: Second year

Description: He is the captain of the tennis club at school. He calls Keita "Honey" and is very passionate when it comes to Keita.
Special Ability: Tennis

Shinomiya Kouji: Third year

Description: He is the captain of the archery club. He is a very responsible person who is also caring, like a big brother. He is also the head of the dormitory. He has a little brother who has cardiac problems. He is very good friends with Iwai.
Special Ability: Archery, Laundry, Cooking

Umino Satoshi: Teacher

Description: Although he is the oldest character, he is also the youngest in terms of outer appearance or shota. He is extremely good at research but aside from research, he can barely take care of himself as he is quite absent minded. He is both a teacher and researcher for the Bell Liberty Group.
Special Ability: Research

Niwa Tetsuya: Third year
Description: He is the president of the student council. Since he excels in almost everything, he is also known as "King" at the academy. He is superior in every way - from sports to academic performance. However, he has a major weakness which was revealed in the first game.
Special Ability: Charisma

Endou Kazuki: First year

Description: He is Keita's classmate and the first friend Keita made at BL Academy. A very friendly person who always smiles, Endou is also a member of the sewing club.
Special Ability: Sewing or making dolls

Shichijou Omi: Second year

Description: Saionji's acquaintance since childhood, he is a person who always smilies. He is extremely talented with computers and can also be extremely dangerous when he wants to. Currently he helps Saionji at the Accounting Department.
Special Ability: Computer

Taki Shunsuke: Second year

Description: He is a genius cyclist who ranked the third in the National Tournament last year. He is cute and shorter than others at his age. He speaks Kansai ben (a dialect from the West of Japan).
Special Ability: Cycling; Lack of Luck

Iwai Takuto: Third year

Description: He is the captain of the art club and a genius artist. He always looks very gloomy and his best friend is Shinomiya. He is kind to everyone except himself.
Sepcial Ability: Painting

Toono-sama: Cat

Description: He is Umino's not-so-cute cat.

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